Residential Doors


Valley Building Products offers an extensive line of high quality doors for any residential project. This is a partial listing of our products. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries about our product offerings.

Exterior doors are available in both standard and custom sizes. We can provide many different styles of custom doors with or without ODL glass inserts. We offer our custom doors as well as doors from other major suppliers in the following materials:

Krestmark - M.I. - Quaker

Quaker - M.I. - Plygem

Insulated Steel:
WeatherShield - Therma Tru - Masonite - PeachTree

WeatherShield - Quaker - Pinecrest - Masonite - Kolbe & Kolbe - Lemieux - PeachTree - Bevelking - Simpson - Grand Glass - GC Doors - Dallas Millwork

WeatherShield - Therma Tru - Masonite - Kolbe & Kolbe - PeachTree

Aluminum Clad and/or Vinyl Clad:
WeatherShield - Quaker - Kolbe & Kolbe

Exterior Storm Doors are also available:
Falcon Door and Window

Kolbe & Kolbe

Kolbe & Kolbe

Kolbe & Kolbe


Interior doors are also available in standard and custom sizes and are offered in:

Solid Core Moulded:
Trustile - Masonite

Hollow Core Moulded:

Kolbe & Kolbe - Pinecrest - Masonite - Lemieux - Trustile


Kolbe & Kolbe

Kolbe & Kolbe